Mumbai – City of Renowned Hindu Temples


Mumbai can be a more brilliant and lively city that’s consistently about the road. Over the centuries it’s become home to numerous visiting communities and cultures. Mumbai is also well-known as the property of possibilities. During the 60s & 70s, it had been said any person looking for a job will have at least five offer components per day at a time. Such has been that the availability of employment chances in Mumbai.

Migration to Mumbai was mainly from the Konkan place along with also the southern area of the country. That has been a growing textile, manufacturing and engineering industry in the town which attracted a huge workforce from many sections of the country. This migrant people brought in their own habits and customs .

A lot of the populace which arrived at Mumbai belonged to the Hindu faith and hence, there are numerous Hindu temples all over the metropolis. More than a few of these have achieved internationally famed prestige and draw visitors from all pieces of the planet thirukadaiyur temple.

A few of the Well-known Mumbai Temples could be recorded thus:
Mumbadevi Temple: This temple is Devoted to the Patron Goddess of both Mumbai, Mumba Devi. The English term Bombay is thought to get been originated in this name simply. The temple of this goddess was constructed by the Kolis, who belong to the sailors trade and are thought of as the first citizens with the town. It had been built in the region where today Victoria Terminus stands.

However, in 1737, it was shattered

reconstructed at Bhuleshwar. The Kolis are followers of the Mother Earth as well as also the Goddess at this temple personifies this particular image. The original deity did not have any marked features in your own face. But today Goddess is dressed in a lovely robe, with a silver crown on her mind, gold necklace round her neck and a shining nose stud. At the front of the shrine could be that the carrier of this Goddess i.e. the Tiger. Here is a six decades old temple which is one among the very most visited attractions in Mumbai.

Walkeshwar Temple: This temple is just one of Mumbai’s historical Hindu pilgrimage web sites which is dedicated to Lord Valukeshwar (that the Sand Lord). The first Walkeshwar Temple was built by the Silharas at 1050 AD. As stated by the Hindu mythology, this temple stands at the site in which Lord Rama formed a Shivalinga (Phallus) from sand and also played his own prayers. It’s also said that the original temple contained that the Lingams, ” the one ferried by Laxman by Benares along with usually the one which was made by Lord Rama.

It is also stated the Banganga Tank that was located close to the temple had been additionally designed by Lord Rama when he fired a knob to find water. Today devotees immerse themselves inside this tank to get their own bodies and spirits purified.

Siddhivinayak Temple: This is one of the very most visited spiritual areas in Mumbai. This 200 year old temple is focused on Lord Ganesha, who is reportedly the God of all Wisdom and can be always invoked first prior to any prayers. He is supposed to drive away all the hurdles and issues with the devotees. Siddhivinayak Temple is situated in Prabhadevi and also has a Ganesha idol built of black stone that’s two and a half feet long and 2 feet broad. On Both Sides of the idol, the Goddesses of Wealth and Prosperity, Riddhi-Siddhi are engraved.

Mahalaxmi Temple: You will find temples dedicated to Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati and Kali that stood to the north west of Malabar Hill which were completely ruined by reptiles. Several decades after if the British chose to join with the Mahalaxmi location to Worli by assembling the Breach Candy, it had been destroyed by several ferocious tides which swept away the arrangement. After many such failed attempts, the Goddess Laxmi looked in a dream to Ramji Shivji, a builder. He requested him to remove the three statues from the sea and then set them at the right shrine. Soon after Ramji failed as bidden by the Goddess, the endeavor of Breach Chocolate was finished properly.

The temple Is Devoted to the Goddess of Household, Mahalaxmi.

ISCKON Temple: One of the most important landmarks of Mumbai is that the ISCKON and also the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple that is located at Juhu. This temple Is Devoted to the Lord Raasbihari or even Krishna. It’s controlled from the ISCKON and is situated in a sprawling 4 acres of prime territory. This temple was built in 1978 and brings a lot of crowd from all parts of the world.

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