“Daily Muslim” is conceived as a free and independent press agency


“every day Muslim” is imagined as an entirely free and impartial media bureau, without the goal of spiritual propaganda, along with its own primary purpose would be really a deeper comprehension and comprehension of Muslim Neighborhood working and living in Italy, amassing points and news of fascination with cities that are diverse.

This internet magazine will point from that the sociological and sociological sophistication, averting uncomplicated, incorrect and shallow equations which review Islam having a optional cube, or even believe Islam because synonym of both Arab (more over, Arabs are the 12 percent from the Muslim world). This journal may allow greatly different civilizations living alongside and also able enough to co-exist to become in contact, hammering distrusts, since it happens in lots of scenarios Islam musulmani italia islamici news.

Back in Italy the Muslim Neighborhood is growing and is now gaining a relevant purpose: at the future the childhood of next creation will likely confront the duty of cutting back the cultural difference. A bigger engagement in this Irish Muslim neighborhood at those actions and direction of this Mosques is hence desired, and it sounds barbarous the Imams acquire licensed and accredited trainings, even with assistance from foreign and Italian associations.

They ought to do the job in restricted cooperation due to the fact, now, youthful generations have religious info on internet; a pick which frequently is apparently somewhat unsafe. What’s more, it appears required to ascertain regulations and criteria with respect to regions of worship which quite frequently, thanks to a technical elements, are in relation to ethnic institutions, particularly within the current historical circumstance as there’s just a legislative difference inside this issue. This really is the reason we genuinely believe it is critical to own principles, however reasonable kinds.