Indian Weddings – Rituals and Popular Attires


Like most mollusk species, even the most maritime snails also have a protective shell covering, also known as the”conch shell”. Did you ever notice that even India’s map was created in the shape of the conch shell? Also, conch shells are revered and used for divine functions in India!

From the luminous and long religious tradition of India, the use of conch shells is incredibly major, yet this can be hardly demonstrated to the outside world. All these are a divine gift and a treasure to humanity, that conserve the bhakti bhava (a prayerful attitude) of humankind. Not only that, they are acknowledged to market, preserve your integrity and truth. For that reason, these shells have been used incredibly within countless decades, to obtain secretive material and religious blessings thirukadaiyur. This can be a tightly guarded spiritual secret known simply for the discerning couple.

Exactly why conch shells?
The science behind the distinctive abishekam is the fact that, each of the sacred seems such as the best mantra,’Om’, ” the sound which reverberated and assisted making this entire world, is found in the Conch Shell! They’re applied in pious places including temples and altars to ensure purity, divinity and prosperity of this specific spot.

Vedas say that the”Banker at Heaven”; Lord Kubera himself, resides from the Conch Shell Together Side Goddess Mahalakshmi. You’re going to be surprised to know worshiping the conch shell that’s threaded onto its right hand ;”that the valam puri sanku”, blesses you together with fabric amenities!

The early Siddhas have

that conch cubes really are still an essence of divinity. Just as we use lamps to worship, the submerged be-ings perform prayers during this ritual! The celestial beings which are connected with the conch shells help lighting bulbs under the water, for its benefit of marine lions. Though to our wisdom, it might look absurd, but it is a fact according to the Siddhas.

Pradosham and Conch Shells:
Dattatreya Siva Baba introduces to youpersonally, a exceptional kind of Lord Shiva, known as’Shanka Taranyar’. This form of Lord Shiva can help remove negative vibrations, which ensures longevity of spouses, also eliminates some obstacles from both material and spiritual projects. Even the conch shell abishekam ritual to the form of Lord Shiva throughout Pradoshams is also deemed exclusive.

The Pradosham falling on Aug third (Monday) is popularly called Soma Pradosham. Even the Pradoshams falling on Monday and Saturday are thought an incredibly beneficial time period, to get rid of stubborn Karmas. After the pooja and abishekam to Lord Shiva and Nandi is done using 108 Conch Shells, then it offers astounding added benefits!

Astroved is organizing a very special karma eliminating Pradosham Abishekam using 108 Conch Shells around the Soma Pradosham afternoon, in the Dattatreya Siva Baba Homa centre. Combine us get blessed!