Three Levels of Interesting Limousines


We all know those black and white stretch limousines that appear to be everywhere nowadays. They all look exactly the same. They all look just like normal luxury sedans in case it were not for the stretched passenger compartment. It doesn’t matter if the stretch limousines are derived from Cadillacs, Lincolns or Mercedes Benzs.

Fortunately limousines do not have to be that dull. Limousines which are a lot more exciting do exist, but they are better at hiding from public view. Perhaps it’s because they’re more costly and hard to create? The only thing we know is that most limo businesses appear to prefer the traditional stretch limousines into the exciting models Concord Nc Limousine service.

The most fascinating of these thrilling limousines are somewhat like the conventional white and black stretch limousines. The distinction is that they are based on something apart from the normal luxury sedans. A stretch limo with no roof means that we can suddenly have outside pools, helicopter pads (it actually exist), etc. ).

Somewhat more exciting are limousines based on exotic automobiles. 1 trend that’s gradually spreading to limousines companies is stretch limousines based on exotic sports cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches. A growing number of limousine businesses start to feature these automobiles in much the exact same manner since they started to feature SUV established stretch limousines a couple years back.

The most fascinating limousines are from the world. Some of our favorites include for example a somewhat normal stretch limousine that’s rocket driven, a traditional looking stretch limo where the wheels are removed in favour of some pair of tank tracks and a private airplane that’s been grounded after a set of wheels replaced the wings.

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